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Are you ready to have MORE FREEDOM in your life? Are you ready to live life on YOUR OWN TERMS? Do you want to achieve the WEALTH you have always desired to live the lifestyle you want?

My name is MaryK, Amish Butterfly and I am the co-owner and CFO of multiple thriving online businesses. Today, the billions of products acquired online demand a streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly system where people can shop and receive rewards for referring others. Online incentive-driven shopping has become the standard for those shopping online and those companies who offer their customer referral rewards significantly out perform those who do not

I want to show you how you can leverage our platform and relationship building strategies to create the LIFESTYLE YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF. Join our community of believers, change-makers, and leaders who are changing the way we do business globally.

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About The Author

Mary Kanagy (MaryK) is an author, speaker and entrepreneur and regarded as one of the top female leaders in her industry. She is the co-owner and CFO of two US corporations. Her attention to detail combines with her demand for perfection, makes her the perfect person to oversee the financial work of both companies.

Her loving personality flows into her work, allowing everyone she works with to look forward to the experience. She makes what usually would be a laborious take, enjoyable.

MaryK has an impressive 30-year relationship with Direct Sales and MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Her multi-faceted experience allows her to see forward, co- designing cutting edge Online and off line business models.

MaryK’s love for her five children and ten grandchildren extends to each person in her Network. Much of her success can be directly contributed to her value focused approach to life and business.

In her circle, MaryK is known as the “Amish Butterfly™” and her books the “The Amish Entrepreneur™” and “Beyond The Cocoon™” are filled with life lessons supplying the reader paradigm shifting direction and value. MaryK commands the attention and respect of the worlds most respected entrepreneurs. Her energy combined with her story telling approach to leading, loving and living rallies the best of the best around MaryK.

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